are you the next neovator?

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Are you a neovator?

Are you seeking to get your next big idea to market, or perhaps struggling to gain traction in the marketplace?

The search is on to find our first neovator at our inaugural neovator competition, proudly sponsored by neospace.

At neospace we have built a thriving community that is much more than just a workplace. It is about connecting members and providing opportunities that will help your business flourish.

Our aim with these awards is to build on this foundation and create an exciting platform for budding entrepreneurs and innovators to pitch their ideas and gain further support and guidance to help them progress with their venture. 

The winner will receive invaluable support and advice along with first class office and meeting space facilities.

the winner will receive:

free office space for a year

You will enjoy a 3 desk office space completely free for a whole year, as well as a free weekly use of a meeting room here at neospace, (Think Bigger meeting room excluded).

training time

You will receive a one-off coaching session from Bob Keiller and Derrick Thomson from AB15.

podcast exposure

In each quarter, you will receive video podcast exposure to help expand your brand and reach a wider audience.

how to enter

Simply write out your business plan

Record a video presenting your business idea (max length 3 minutes)

And then send everything to us

Using WeTransfer, attach your business plan and proposal video,

and then send it to [email protected]

Top Tips for Creating an Award-Winning Entry

  • Know and diarise the submission deadline date!
  • Don’t leave it until the last minute – allocate yourself more time than you think you will need. Start early to avoid any last minute rush and stress which can impact the quality of your submission.
  • Consider if you require input from others – plan ahead with who will need to contribute information and request it in good time, allowing for any sign offs should they be necessary.
  • Practice filming – a video submission may be new to you and conjure up nerves, so plan ahead with what you are going to say, rehearse it again and again. Remember practice makes perfect!
  • Imagine yourself as one of the judges – when creating your submission to help you focus and think about what you need to write and film to grab their attention.
  • Most of the judges will not know most of the applicants – so they will be relying heavily on the submission. So even if your business has gained some publicity and local awareness, make your submission count and explain clearly who you are and what you hope to achieve with your business venture.
  • Read the rules – for entering to fully understand what is expected of you – see our full Terms & Conditions.
  • Read & understand the Assessment Criteria – what is that the judges are asking you to provide to them. Make sure to clearly answer each element.
  • Make it easy – for the judges to review your submission. The judges will have multiple submissions to review, so make their lives easier by avoiding industry jargon, avoid huge long paragraphs of text, and use bullet points.
  • Avoid the spiel – make sure that you can validate your claims! The judges will conduct their own research as part of the judging process so make sure you provide evidence to back up what you say.
  • Be clear and concise – as above make it easy for the Judges to read and digest your written submission.
  • Be consistent – ensure what you say in your submission matches other sources of information such as your website. The judges will be eager to learn all about you, so ensure there is consistency in your information.
  • Words count – avoid jargon, remember the judging panel comprises individuals with different areas of expertise, so you need to make it easy for anyone to understand your submission easily and clearly.
  • Engaging – communication is a key component of success in business, so make your submission count and stand out from the crowd. Both your written submission and video presentation need to engage the judge’s attention from the start.
  • Check your work – always double check your spelling and grammar to ensure you make the right first impression!

The neovator competition submissions are due in:

meet the judges

Scott Paton

Managing Director of neospace

Leigh Reid​

Director of Aberdeen Business Network

Jason Stewart

Commercial Manager at Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Aisha Kasim

RGU Startup Accelerator Programme Lead

what is the assessment criteria?

  1. You will have confirmed that a market opportunity exists through independent validation or through direct contact with the market.

  1. Your business plan will demonstrate growth potential, scalability, and potential to create jobs and impact on the local economy.

  1. Our judging panel will reward creativity and innovation such as novel, interesting, unique ideas and business models.

  1. For technical ideas, the judging panel will be looking for some degree of technical validation to reinforce that the assumptions are valid.

  1. All submissions should in some way demonstrate a positive impact on society, communities or the environment with the intention of mitigating any negative impact.

If you still have any unanswered questions, or just want to dive deeper into the terms and conditions of the award, then just click the button below to find out more.