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Whatever your fitness goals, our team at neoGym are here to help you get to where you want to be. neoGym‘s varied class timetable features strengthening, cardio, flexibility and wellness classes. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned gym ambassador, there’s something for everyone. Meet our neoGym manager, Wojciech Wozniak, and discover more about our fabulous team of personal trainers and fitness instructors below.

Wojciech Wozniak

Wojciech has a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and over 12 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. He can offer variety and makes sure that each session is tailored to suit your needs. He is committed to providing the optimum in fitness expertise, in strength training and cardiovascular exercise to help get you fit and stay fit. With Wojciech you can rest assured that your personal training session will NOT be a chore!

Wojciech is the neoGym Manager at Aberdeen. He is also a Personal Trainer.

Anggie Bonaccorso

Anggie Bonaccorso is a certified Gym Instructor and trainee PT. 
She loves helping other people build strength and confidence in the gym and within themselves finding the correct balance in their fitness life, filled with fun, excitement and proper results. Anggie specialises in Olympic style weightlifting training. She will not only help you create a healthy mindset but also develop new daily habits making sure that you will achieve and maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle while getting stronger.

Anggie’s neoGym classes include: neo Abs Blast. She also runs the neoGym 12 week programme.

Amy Lawrence

Amy is a fitness instructor and trainee PT at neospace. She has a level 2 qualification in fitness and personal training and teaches various classes throughout the week. Amy is also available for neoGym inductions and group PT training.
Amy has a real passion for fitness as she found a love for it through her own weight loss journey. Why not get in touch and see what you can achieve too.

Amy’s neoGym classes include: Bootcamp and legs, bums & tums.

Introducing our fabulous fitness instructors

Gemma Slater

Gemma has been a qualified fitness instructor since 2017, and loves to share her passion for health and fitness with others. Gemma has qualified in many programmes and genres and teaches a variety of free style classes including online classes. 

For Gemma there is nothing better than the buzz and social interaction of a group exercise class; seeing participants come together and get the best results they can. When not working, Gemma is either on a training run for a race, or running around after her triplets!

Gemma is qualified in: HIIT, Core and Conditioning Gemma’s neoGym classes include: Total Conditioning 

Gemma’s neoGym classes include: Total Conditioning

Louise MacRae

At 17, Louise attended her first yoga class, which was the start of her yoga journey. After many years of practice she felt inspired to share with others the benefits of how yoga made her feel. She graduated in 2015 and is graded as an Experienced Yoga Teacher. 

Since graduating Louise has continued to further her development by annually attending many teacher training courses and CPD workshops including Yoga Anatomy and Hands-on Adjustments, Children’s Yoga Teacher, Introduction to Pregnancy Yoga, Mindfulness and Sequencing Yang and Yin. 

Speaking about her love of Yoga Louise explains that it is based on balance, and learning how to move our bodies that asks for softness to be strong, tightness to bend, to be graceful and skilled. For her, Yoga helps to expand awareness by challenging the limits of the body heart and mind.

Louise teaches different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. Her yoga classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Louise is qualified in:  Yin, Yan & Hatha Yoga

Louise’s neoGym classes include: Yin yoga and Vinyasa yoga

Lyndsey Thompson

Lyndsey Thompson has been working as a Personal Trainer in Aberdeen for 18 years, and teaching and practising Ashtanga Yoga for 12 years.
She uses neoGym to offer personalised holistic sessions working with clients to optimise their movement and help get them closer to their goals. Her areas of special interest and experience are Weight Loss Management, Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Sport Specific Training, and MoveFreely BioMechanics.
She’s also a qualified Nutrition Coach with TDL Ltd, who help busy professional women take control of their health and lose weight without giving up chocolate, crisps or alcohol.

Lyndsey’s neoGym classes include: Vinyasa yoga, neo XT as well as the occasional mini yoga retreat.

Vicky Wilson

Vicky is a qualified Personal Trainer & Aberdeen Korean Kickbox & Grapple (AKKG) Coach. Vicky has a 2nd Degree Black Belt and has been training in martial arts for over 20 years. Her passion is to encourage, motivate & promote her martial arts knowledge to all.

Vicky’s neoGym classes include: Focusmitt Conditioning, Strength & Conditioning, Adult & Children’s AKKG, and circuits.