club rules & covid-19 safety

We are looking forward to welcoming you but in advance want to make you aware of a few Club Rules that members and their guests must comply with. These rules help to ensure our neoGym is safe for everyone.

newbies and guests

If you are a newbie to neoGym and you are planning your first visit, or you have a Guest Pass, please make sure you have created a mywellness account and downloaded the mywellness app to your mobile.

creating a mywellness account

To create and register your mywellness account click on this link and enter your details on the form. Once you have completed the form click the Login button and your information will be shared with us at neoGym. Once you have submitted your details a link to the App in the App store will be given to you to download to your mobile.

booking your gym session and classes

mywellness enables you to access your lifestyle and fitness data, training programmes and much more on the go, anywhere in the world.

  • What can mywellness do for you?
  • Login to connected Technogym equipment, access your personalised content and applications and have your exercises automatically start based on your programme.
  • Manage your training programme directly on the web or from your mobile phone.
  • Record your body measurements and keep track of your health status.
  • Connect mywellness with popular fitness and nutritional tracking apps and devices like Polar, Garmin, Apple Health, RunKeeper, Strava, Mapmyfitness and many more.
  • Collect and share all of your indoor training, outdoor sports and movement data with your trainer to get a truly personalized programme
  • Use the app to book your session at the gym as well as any exercise classes you want to attend at neoGym.
  • All activities must be booked on mywellness before entering NeoGym this is essential to ensure we comply with Track and Trace procedures.
  • Bookings can be made 7 days in advance

Please ask for help from one of our PTs on the gym floor, arriving in enough time to assist with your connectivity/app before your gym session or exercise class.

neospace | Main gym floor

rules for a covid-safe zone

  1. Hand sanitise on entry of the gym
  2. Arrive at least 5 mins before your session starts
  3. Showers and changing rooms to be used only if essential – no gym bags, jackets etc. to be taken into gym or studios
  4. Please adhere to social distancing at all times in and around neoGym
  5. Take your own water bottle or purchase at the juicebar
  6. Be mindful of other gym users, no waiting. Head straight into Studios on time
  7. Keep walkways clear
  8. You will be refused entry if late for the class
  9. Set up and return all studio equipment used. Pump kit/mats
  10. Ensure you clean your equipment before and after use
  11. No sweat towels to be used. Please use the white roll provided
  12. When using the gym please adhere to the training zones marked on the gym floor. 1 person per zone only
all studios will be freshened up between classes and deep cleaned twice daily

studio capacities


max 16 people

(17 inc. instructor)

2m apart


max 12 people

(13 inc. instructor)

2m apart

Skillbike studio

max 6 people

(7 inc. instructor)

All subject to change reflecting government guidance.